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Welcome to BagOfBits, a collection of narrow gauge prototype railway photographs. Please re-visit from time to time, as new pictures will be added on an occasional basis.

Photo Profiles
These are collections of detail images of either a single loco, or class of locomotive / rolling stock. They are intended for the use of modellers in all scales who need detail reference pictures for their creations.
Kerr Stuart "Wren"
Kerr Stuart "Brazil"
Kerr Stuart "Tattoo"
Quarry Hunslets
Bagnall Saddle Tanks
Motor Rail Simplex Locos
Motor Rail Simplex "Red Rum"
Ruston & Hornsby 10HP Loco
Ruston & Hornsby 16/20HP Loco
Ruston & Hornsby 30DL Loco
Henschel 0-8-0
RNAD Wagons
Lister Locos
BEV W217 Loco
BEV W417 Locos

These are selections of images of narrow gauge subjects taken at various locations.
North Gloucestershire NG Railway
Leighton Buzzard
Old Kiln Light Railway
Alan Keef's Open Day 2000


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